Minutes for KSBA Executive Meeting on March 17, 2022 (FINAL)

Kentucky State Beekeepers Association (KSBA)
Board Meeting Minutes
Thursday March 17, 2022

Minutes for KSBA Executive Meeting on March 17, 2022 (DRAFT)
Download Minutes for KSBA Executive Meeting on March 17, 2022 (DRAFT)

Attendance: 15 total (10 officers/directors)

The meeting was held via web teleconferencing and was recorded.

KSBA President Jessica Mayes called the meeting to order at 7:07 p.m. ET.

The minutes from the February 17, 2022 meeting were presented and approved. Motioned by Tom Ballinger and seconded by Phil Craft. Motion passed.

Project Updates and New Projects

  1. Dr. Farida Olden at KSU Pesticide Project
    Tom sent out a summary of the project via email. The requirements for the project are in flux and the financial standing of the project is unknown. Due to these variables, KSBA will not participate at this time. If the project solidifies in the future, we will reconsider.
  1. SOPs for Membership, Adding New Associations
    Jessica reported that this is a project Theresa Martin is working on. Theresa could not attend this board meeting so will provide an update at the next meeting.
  1. Updating the Bylaws
    Jessica reported that this is a project Theresa Martin is working on. Theresa could not attend this board meeting so will provide an update at the next meeting. Jessica indicated that we received information from Kenton Ball to update the Bylaws to ensure they are aligned with 501c3 language vs. for a c5. Once this is done, we will notify the general membership within 30 days that we will be voting on the new bylaws.
  1. Document Retention Policy
    Theresa published a draft document retention policy. Theresa and Jessica will sit down and finish it, then bring it to the board for approval.

Financial Topics

  1. Treasurer Report – Jessica sent the financial accounts and ledger out via email. She shared a report with the balances in the 4 Accounts: General Account $14,153.98 CKHP $56,685.77 State Fair $7,716.36 State Apiarist $10,300.09. These accounts are reconciled with our bank account statement.
  1. Board of Director Insurance – Jessica is getting quotes from Lani Basberg’s office, who does KSBA’s liability insurance. The quote was much higher than the ~$400 expected. It included coverage for other things KSBA does not need. Lisa Anglin will pursue this with Kentucky Farm Bureau and others who customarily provide non-profit director and officer insurance. Tom reported that he recently heard a speaker advocating for this type of insurance. Jessica reported we already have event liability insurance in place that covers all events.
  1. Treasurer Position – Jane Brown has accepted the position as interim treasurer. The board voted yes unanimously via email for Jane. Jessica asked that everyone continue to look for a permanent treasurer. Tim Sheehan advocated for another person who has expressed interest in joining the board also. Jessica pointed out that the bylaws allow for committee leaders as well as additional directors.
  1. Budget – Jessica sent out an ideal budget via email. She asked the board to review it and offer feedback. She pointed out that this budget will be useful when explaining our expenses when applying for grants.
  1. Advertising Proposal – Rick sent out a detailed proposal on how to market and sell advertising on the KSBA website, on brochures and at events. Jessica indicated she supports this but would like to post pone action on this until the treasurer is in place. She mentioned that at the Bluegrass bee school, there were commercials during lunch. Rick asked if in the interim if Rick could contact the one advertiser who asked to advertise, and Jessica said yes. Jessica pointed out that we lack an official contract to clarify expectations, actions, and fees. She said she’d work one on one with Rick to develop a contract.
  1. Taxes –Vickie Richardson will file our non-profit 990 this year which is due by May 15. Jessica sent her the files from past year taxes. This will cost ~$600.
  1. 501c5 to 501c3 Conversion – Jessica is continuing to keep this conversation open with Kenton Ball, but this is a lower priority until we have a treasurer in place and due to the expenses and time commitment.

Board Topics

  1. KSBA Officer and Director Vacancies Progress – Jessica asked for everyone to continue to solicit for qualified candidates for the open KSBA officer positions (President Elect, Vice President, Treasurer). See above for discussion.

Certified Kentucky Honey Program (CKHP)

  1. Grant/Financial Update – R. Scott Moore reported that he received an email from the Governors Office of Ag Policy in reference to the grant that we closed out in September 2021. The email said that grant is closed, and all terms and conditions of this grant are complete. Jessica recognized Scott for this as a great deal of quality work went into a clean closure of this grant and that this is not easy to achieve.
  1. CKHP Members – Scott reported that when he assumed the CKHP Program Manager role in February 2021, there were 17 CKHP members. As of December 31, 2021, there were 80 members. As of today, there are now 55 members with 5 applications in progress. The goal for 2022 is 125 members by the end of 2022 which is a goal set in the current grant.
  1. System Award Management Account Renewal – Scott reported that he was being phished by companies charging for SAM registration. He avoided charges and renewed our application for free. Our application is now current and runs through February 19, 2023. Therefore, we can now pursue federal grants.
  1. Bluegrass Bee School Recap– Scott reported that Scott, Jessica, and Dr. Tammy Horn Potter attended this. Mike Mabry set up a nice booth with over 460 registered for this school so it had high attendance.
  1. Perryville Springfest and Other Club Meetings – Scott will attend in Perryville to represent CKHP and KSBA and will set up a booth. Scott will also go to the McConnel Springs event on May 21. Jessica and Scott will be at Capital City next week at their club meeting.
  1. Honey Testing – Scott reported that Jessica and Tammy met with a contact at the Bluegrass Technical College where they conduct honey testing. It does not appear their lab will be able to test our honey this year. Scott therefore connected with UC Davis who did some testing for CKHP in 2019. He also reached out to the Paleo Lab in Nevada as well. Linda Scott Cummins in the Paleo Lab is putting together a quote per test and turnaround times for testing.

State Fair Committee

  1. Meeting Recap – Scott, Tom and Joe Taylor met last Sunday. They reviewed the SOP and finalized the last revisions to it. The SOP was sent to the board for review. After the fair, the team will update and revise it as a final document in October/November. The group will meet next month to detail honey pricing and booth guidelines. Jessica reminded the team that cost for jars and labor will likely increase the costs of honey, bee boxes, supplies, etc. Tammy confirmed this from her interactions with several beekeepers across the state.
  1. Standard Operating Procedures and Budget Review – Scott sent these documents out together via email to the board. The budget is a draft as Scott continues to update it as items come to mind and to account for cost increases. Scott asked the board to review and provide him with any feedback. Tammy asked if the Fair insurance premiums should be paid from the fair account or the general account. Jessica asked that we note these payments and have it up for discussion next year.
  1. American Honey Queen / ABF Update – Tom is working to ensure we reserve our fair dates with the American Honey Queen.

Events and Outreach

  1. Bee Schools – Jessica reminded everyone to keep forwarding clubs who are hosting bee schools to the KSBA events page so they can be posted on the calendar and in Beelines. She also mentioned that the McConnel Springs Founders day is May 21. McConnel Springs is also working to get an observation hive. Rick Besson at UK Entomology has a large 5 frame observation hive in the middle of the lobby and Tammy and Phil offered to go with Jessica to look at it.

Education Topics

  1. Spring Meeting April 23 at KSU Farm in Frankfort – Phil has arranged for Dr. Katie Lee from University of Minnesota to be our speaker. Several vendors have also been invited. Scott also invited Hive and Barrell to participate in some capacity. How to deal with food is still to be determined with possible food truck. Individuals will pay for their own food. Jessica sent a tentative agenda to the board and it’s a very full and instructive program. There will be no pre-registration and there is no cost. There will be a sign-up sheet at the registration table. Jessica mentioned that we need to have more advertising to ensure good attendance, including publicity via email to our members and use of extension office advertising.


  1. Update on Phil Craft Classes – Phil indicated that attendance has been low so his next session will be a Q&A discussion planned for after people get their bees. Jessica mentioned that perhaps many are watching the recording vs. attending the live sessions. Jessica was talking to Wes Henry at KSU to ask their team to create videos on specific topics such as marking a queen or making a nuc.

Call For New Business

  1. None.

The meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m. ET.