Minutes for KSBA Executive Meeting on April 28, 2022 (FINAL)

Kentucky State Beekeepers Association (KSBA)
Board Meeting Minutes
Thursday April 28, 2022

Attendance: 10 total (7 officers/directors)

The meeting was held via web teleconferencing and was recorded.

KSBA President Jessica Mayes called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m. ET.

The minutes from the March 17, 2022 meeting were presented and approved. Motioned by Tom Ballinger and seconded by David Donathan. Motion passed.

Official Welcome of New Board Members
Jessica welcomed and introduced the newly elected board members:
• David Donathan has accepted the Vice President position (with the understanding that he does not want to move into the President-elect/President position)
• Jane Brown has accepted the Treasurer’s position (interim)
• Julie Steber has accepted the role of Assistant to the Treasurer with the intent to step in if Jane isn’t available, and mainly to just have another helper for things like the fair and when Jane is travelling.
The position of President-elect who will move to President when Jessica rotates out in November is still vacant.

Project Updates and New Projects
1. Membership CKHP and KSBA Alignment and Adding New Associations
Jessica briefed the group on the issue at hand. The Certified Kentucky Honey Program membership renews on a calendar year basis and the KSBA membership renews on the anniversary date of the individual. Jessica suggested we keep them separate for now and pointed out that it’s complicated by many factors, including associations sending in bulk memberships, the need for both online and paper systems for both programs. Jessica indicated that Theresa Martin, R. Scott Moore and Rick LeMarr have been working on this in a separate committee.

2. List of Bee Suppliers, Equipment and Speakers
Theresa summarized the project as listing bee suppliers, equipment, and speakers on the KSBA website. She indicated that there was a committee that met in the past that included several other bee clubs and the Kentucky Queen Bee Breeders. This project has stalled pending funding and lack of alignment on the approach to use. Theresa recommended moving this project to the “Future Projects” list. Jessica concurred.

3. Updating the Bylaws and c5 to c3 Conversion
Jessica reported that this is on hold. She indicated that we received information from Kenton Ball that to update the bylaws to ensure they are aligned with 501c3 language vs. for a c5, we need to file an IRS Form 1023s for c3 certification. Ball also suggested we get bylaws from other c3 organizations and use them as a model, which Jessica obtained. Jessica also offered that the bylaws have several other updates needed, such as the number of KSBA general meetings. The next steps are for Jessica and Theresa to get together.


Financial Topics
1. Treasurer Report – Jessica sent the financial accounts and ledger out via email. She shared a report with the balances in the 4 Accounts: General Account $13,436.82 CKHP $53,545.94 State Fair $7,716.36 State Apiarist $10,300.09. These accounts are reconciled with our bank account statement. She gave details on the recent activity for each account.

2. Small Scale Farm Grant
Jessica applied for this grant worth $15,000 with justification for the need based on development of the BeeLines, Phil’s classes, webhosting. The due date was April 1 and there is another one due June 1 so we should hear soon if we received this grant.

3. Board of Director Insurance – Jessica is having challenges finding an insurer who understands board of director insurance. Jane Brown offered to look at a few organizations she’s involved with to see who provides their director insurance. Theresa offered to check with Dorothey Morgan with KQBBA to see if they have this insurance. Tammy Horn Potter sent information on who the Honey Bee Health Coalition has their insurance with. The expected cost for this is approximately $400. Scott indicated that our liability insurance is due June 15 which will cost ~$300 which is held by Lani Basberg’s office.

4. Budget – Jessica sent out an ideal budget via email. She will work with the new Treasurer and Assistant to the Treasurer to finalize and make it public to our members.

5. Advertising Proposal – Rick sent out a detailed proposal on how to market and sell advertising on the KSBA website, on brochures and at events. Jessica indicated she supports this effort. Tom Ballinger indicated that Dadant donated a large amount of feed patties, so we agreed in a past meeting to give them a free month of advertising. Dadant then agreed verbally to Tom to pay for a year of advertising. Rick proposed we invoice Dadant for the first month and then put them on the website. Tom sent Rick the graphic from Dadant and where Dadant wants the link to go to. Rick will get Dadant advertising up on the website. Jessica indicated we should have a basic contract stating the cost and where the multiple places for advertising will be. Jessica asked Rick to go ahead and put up the advertising for Dadant while we work through the contract and billing. Bee Barn and Honey Bear Farms are the only 2 advertisers and they have never been billed. There have been issues in the past with lack of clarity of agreements and billing with potential advertisers.

Tom is investigating several other state bee organization’s advertising efforts and will report back.

Jessica mentioned that the vendors at the membership meeting were grateful for the free set up at that meeting.

Rick LeMarr mentioned 2 companies showed interest in advertising. He sent them an email with a quote and statistics on traffic to our site but has not yet heard back from either of them.

6. Taxes –Vickie Richardson will file our non-profit 990 this year which is due by May 15. Jessica sent her the files from past year taxes. This will cost ~$600.


Board Topics
1. KSBA Officer and Director Vacancies Progress – Jessica asked for everyone to continue to solicit for qualified candidates for the open KSBA officer position of President Elect.

Certified Kentucky Honey Program (CKHP)
1. Grant/Financial Update – R. Scott Moore reported that he is producing a semi-annual report due in 2 months. Scott keeps all receipts, volunteer hours, ledger, etc. which all must go in the report.

2. CKHP Members – Scott reported that as of today, there are now 70 members. The goal for 2022 is 125 members by the end of 2022 which is a goal set in the current grant.

3. Perryville Springfest and Founders Day McConnell Spring – Scott will attend in Perryville to represent CKHP and KSBA and will set up a booth on 5/7. Scott will also go to the McConnel Springs event on May 21.

4. Honey Testing – The goal for next year is to partner with Bluegrass Technical College (BGTC) which includes a DNA test but this lab is not staffed for 2022. Therefore, Scott sent out an email summarizing 2 lab options to conduct honey testing for this year: Jona Ventures and Paleo Lab in Nevada. Scott recommended Jona Ventures because they are half the cost and required a smaller sample. Tim Sheehan suggested we send random off the shelf samples to both labs to see which lab we would prefer based on the level of detail they offer. He suggested we take the time to work out the process of testing, be transparent and try out both labs. Scott said he would take this input and suggestions into consideration and will send out a follow up email. Tom said he sent out a sample to UC Davis and offered to send the same sample to the other 2 labs for comparison. Jessica pointed out that DNA, MNR and visual pollen identification differences between lab methods may not be comparable methods. She suggested sending a sample to all the labs to see what they each produce and how they produce it. Jessica indicated there is $5,000 in the budget for this project. She also pointed out that CKHP members would recognize this testing as a benefit.
5. Heartland Apiculture Society Annual Conference – This runs from the end of June to early July. Scott asked if any CKHP members want to sell honey at this fair as he will be there Tuesday through Friday. Tim will be there to help out as will Jessica and Tom.

State Fair Committee
1. Budget/Calendar – The state fair committee (Scott, Tom and Joe Taylor) met recently. Scott published the budget via email. There will be minor modifications to what was published. The committee gained approval to reserve 3 hotel rooms: 2 for KSBA board and officers and 1 for the honey queen.
2. Honey Pricing – The team made minor modifications to the price list. This will be published in the next BeeLines.
3. Booth Guidelines – The team made minor modifications to this document including changes to the honey drop off times.
4. Kentucky Farm Bureau Jar Donation Request – KFB asked for 200 small jars for their breakfasts. Joe got the jars donated from Kelly’s. Saturday, Scott distributed 84 jars to people who will donate the honey. A request for honey donations will be in the next BeeLines. How suppliers get the honey back is TBD.
5. American Honey Queen / ABF Update – Tom is working to ensure we reserve our fair dates with the American Honey Queen.
6. Honey Bears – Jessica asked if Tom has the little 2 oz bears to give away to VIPs. Tom said he has about 70 of them that we can use.

Events and Outreach
1. Bee Schools and Events – Jessica noted that there have been many bee schools and KSBA and CKHP has been trying to get to as many of them as possible. Jessica mentioned to let Scott know when we attend so he can include it in grant reporting.
2. 4H Summer Camp Orientation – Tom reported that he was asked to attend these but they have not specified dates. McConnell Springs in Lexington and several others have hives, including observation hives.

Education Topics
1. Spring Meeting April 23 at KSU Farm in Frankfort Recap – Jessica mentioned that the meeting went well and that Dr. Katie Lee from University of Minnesota was well received. She asked the group to consider if a spring conference is needed and efficient, given the timing right after 47 bee schools, spring when it’s prime beekeeping time. She suggested we consider only doing a fall meeting at a prime location.

Theresa suggested that the group consider a Kentucky state wide bee school at some point in the future. It is very resource intensive for all the local clubs to try to pull off bee schools in each of their counties. Rick seconded Theresa’s suggestion and offered that a large school must be planned multiple years in advance with location selection and advertising done well in advance. He also suggested that any meetings should be done in January or late fall.

Ruth Jeffers reminded everyone that fall or winter meetings are risky given our weather. One year, their bee school had to be cancelled and they had to refund everyone. Jessica suggested early November as a compromise between not being prime beekeeping time and having decent weather.

Jane mentioned that a hybrid school (online and in person both) would allow people from remote locations to join in. Ruth added that the virtual model worked well from a lower cost perspective but there was a loss of connectivity of beekeepers meeting each other and not being able to have vendors.

Tim mentioned that all local bee clubs have Facebook pages and that we could easily boost advertising by asking each club to post there and more frequently as the date of the event comes closer.

2. Update on Phil Craft Classes – Phil Craft has one last class to conduct which will be a Q&A session with the date TBD. He is considering doing some snippet type demos and videos as well.

Call For New Business
1. CKHP Members In Database – Rick reported he is behind in getting members loaded into the CKHP database.
2. BeeLines Delay – Rick requested to postpone publishing BeeLines from May 1 to about 1 week later. The group agreed this was fine.

The meeting adjourned at 8:57 p.m. ET.