Minutes for KSBA Executive Meeting on May 19, 2022 (FINAL)

Kentucky State Beekeepers Association (KSBA)

Board Meeting Minutes

Thursday May 19, 2022


Attendance: 10 total (7 officers/directors)

The meeting was held via web teleconferencing and was recorded.

 KSBA President Jessica Mayes called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m. ET.

 The minutes from the April 28, 2022 meeting were presented and approved. Motioned by Tom Ballinger and seconded by Tim Sheehan. Motion passed.


Project Updates and New Projects

  1. Updating the Bylaws and c5 to c3 Conversion – Jessica reported that there has been good progress on this and recognized Dr. Tammy Horn Potter for her help. Jessica talked to the state Michigan Beekeepers Association who lost their 501c3 in 2011 and got it reinstated in 2022. Jessica connected with the CPA who did this work for them. Michigan sent Jessica their Form 1023. She will follow up and report out via email.


Financial Topics

  1. Treasurer Report – Jan Brown, Treasurer provided the update. She shared a report with the balances in the 4 Accounts: General Account $13,750.06 CKHP $50,767.21 State Fair $7,716.36 State Apiarist $9,540.09. She gave details on the recent activity for each account. The report was submitted for approval and was accepted.


  1. Taxes –Vickie Richardson will file our non-profit 990 this year which was due by May 15. Jessica sent her the files from past year taxes. This will cost ~$600. Due to illness, Vickie was required to file an extension. The extension allows us to file by November but Vickie intends to complete this sooner as this is needed by us to apply for grants and for grant reporting. Vickie has not yet charged KSBA for her services.


  1. Michigan Beekeepers Association (MBA) Annual Meeting Income – Jessica learned that MBA makes $15,000 to $20,000 at their annual meeting which is a full blown conference with additional fundraising activities and about 500 attendees. They host their conference in the first weekend in March. The group discussed options for KSBA to host a full blown conference.


  1. HAS Joint Table Sponsorship with KQBBA – Joe Taylor asked for the invoice for half the sponsorship that is shared with KQBBA. Jessica will take care of this which will come out of the CKHP fund and grant.


 Board Topics

  1. KSBA Officer and Director Vacancies Progress – Jessica asked for everyone to continue to solicit for qualified candidates for the open KSBA officer position of President Elect and permanent Treasurer.
  2. HAS Representative – Tom Ballinger has been the representative to HAS to date. This is his last year so we will need another representative going forward.


Certified Kentucky Honey Program (CKHP)

  1. Grant/Financial Update – R. Scott Moore reported that he is preparing a semi-annual report due in July. Scott keeps all receipts, volunteer hours, ledger, etc. which all must go in the report.


  1. CKHP Members – Scott reported that as of today, there are now 75 members. This is just 5 short of where we were at the end of the fiscal year in 2021. The goal for 2022 is 125 members by the end of 2022 which is a goal set in the current grant.



  1. Perryville Springfest and McConnell Spring Founders Day – Scott attended the Perryville Springfest to represent CKHP and KSBA on 5/7. The turn out was poor due to cold, rainy weather and it was also Derby Day. Next year they will move it off Derby Day. Scott and Jessica will go to the McConnel Springs event on May 21.


  1. Honey Testing – Scott took the input the Board gave at the last meeting and is working on a summary memorandum. He would like this finalized by the end of May so the approach can be shared at HAS and the State Fair.


  1. Heartland Apiculture Society Annual Conference – This runs from the end of June to early July. Scott submitted the KSBA/CKHP vendor application and fees. We are sponsoring 3 events there: Event Level Beeswax Level and a bag stuffer sponsorship. The break sponsorship is the one we are splitting with KQBBA. Even with these 3 sponsorships and other expenses, we still have $1000 left in the budget to use if needed. In addition, several CKHP honey producers have given Scott their interest in selling honey at the event. Clark County and Powell County also donated $100 each to help offset the costs of sponsorship and Scott expressed appreciation for their help.


  1. Hive and Barrel Meadery – Scott reported that there are 3 partnerships in place with 3 or 4 of our members. The final contracts will be signed shortly with quantities identified. There will be a separate mead and packaging for each producer. We will engage in helping promote each of the producers and Hive and Barrel.


State Fair Committee

  1. Vendor Applications – Scott submitted our application and is making the payment. This year, the booth fee is $1000 which is covered by the budget Scott calculated.
  2. Liability Insurance Renewal – Scott also accounted for this in the budget and he will get it scanned in and will work with Jane to pay this out of the general fund as this runs June to June and covers all KSBA and CKHP events. Jessica reported that we also have $190 Surety Bond which we need to clarify what it covers, possibly theft.
  3. Budget – The state fair committee (Scott, Tom and Joe Taylor) met recently. Scott published the budget via email. There were few changes from the report published last month. There was one item for postage related to mailing jars for the bears for the Kentucky Farm Bureau.
  4. Calendar – The Honey Queen will be coming in on Monday, August 22 and leaving Sunday, August 28.
  5. Booth Guidelines – The team made minor modifications to this document including changes to the honey drop off times.
  6. KSBA Management Calendar – Scott sent this to Rick to publish this so the Board can populate what days they will come and help with the fair.
  7. Hotel Room Reservations – Tom reported that the prices for rooms at the same location have increased. Last year’s hotel rooms cost $100 and now it’s $275 per night. The hotel we were in last year was booked up by other groups. Tom is shopping around for a more reasonable rate. Scott reported that last year, of the 2 rooms we had, they were used every night for the 28 nights total, all but 3 nights. Depending on the Board’s calendar, we could possibly reserve just a single room.
  8. Kentucky Farm Bureau Jar Donation Request – KFB asked for 200 small jars for their breakfasts. Joe got the jars donated from Kelly’s. Saturday, Scott distributed 84 jars to people who will donate the honey. A request for honey donations went out in the most recent BeeLines. Scott will ask Rick to post on the website also.
  9. Local Association Volunteer Assignments – The Fair Committee will reach out to all the associations who volunteered last year to invite them to participate again this year.
  10. American Honey Queen / ABF Update – As reported above, the Honey Queen will be coming in on Monday, August 22 and leaving Sunday, August 28. Tom secured extra tickets up on the stage for her to sit at the Kentucky Farm Bureau breakfast. KDA will reserve her hotel room but KSBA will pay the bill.


Events and Outreach

  1. Bee Schools and Events – Jessica noted that there have been many bee schools and KSBA and CKHP has been trying to get to as many of them as possible. She requested others to attend in their regions as well to represent KSBA and CKHP.
  2. McConnell Springs Founders Day May 21 – As mentioned earlier, Jessica and Scott are attending. McConnell Springs would like to eventually set up a demo room and observation hive.


Education Topics

  1. Update on Phil Craft Classes – Phil Craft has one last class to conduct which will be a Q&A session with the date TBD. He is considering doing some advanced topics as snippet type demos and videos as well. Michigan Beekeepers Association has been doing quick sessions as a build up to their big conference to bring people in. KSU offered to help us do video production using their hives. We could produce videos to help Kentucky beekeepers.


Call For New Business

  1. None


The meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m. ET.