Minutes for KSBA Executive Meeting on June 16, 2022 (FINAL)

Kentucky State Beekeepers Association (KSBA)

Board Meeting Minutes

Thursday June 16, 2022


Attendance: 12 total (8 officers/directors)


The meeting was held via web teleconferencing and was recorded.


KSBA President Jessica Mayes called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m. ET.


The minutes from the May 19, 2022 meeting were presented and approved. Motioned by Tom Ballinger and seconded by Lisa Anglin. Motion passed.


Project Updates and New Projects

  1. Updating the Bylaws and c5 to c3 Conversion – Jessica reported that there has been good progress on this. Jessica talked to the CPA, Joe Narmey, who did the work for the Michigan Beekeepers Association who lost their 501c3 in 2011 and got it reinstated in February 2022. Joe got this work done in 3 months of receiving the work. To do this work, we will need to update the bylaws. Jessica and Theresa Martin will work on the bylaws and as they make progress, send to the board for review. Jessica reminded everyone that 501c(3) organizations cannot engage in lobbying, which we don’t do anyway.


Financial Topics

  1. Treasurer Report – Jan Brown, Treasurer provided the update. She shared a report with the balances in the 4 Accounts: General Account $13,220.61 CKHP $49,049.35 State Fair $7,716.36 State Apiarist $9,540.09. She gave details on the recent activity for each account. She also reported that she cancelled some unused subscriptions for Quicken and Microsoft 365 owned by KSBA for a savings of $130 per year. She did not cancel the Microsoft 365 subscription registered for CKHP. The report was submitted for approval and was accepted.


  1. Taxes –Vickie Richardson will file our non-profit 990 this year which was due by May 15. Jessica sent her the files from past year taxes. This will cost ~$600. Due to illness, Vickie was required to file an extension. The extension allows us to file by November but Vickie intends to complete this sooner as this is needed by us to apply for grants and for grant reporting. Vickie has not yet charged KSBA for her services and will not charge us for the extension.


 Board Topics

  1. KSBA Officer and Director Vacancies Progress – Jessica asked for everyone to continue to solicit for qualified candidates for the open KSBA officer position of President Elect and permanent Treasurer.
  2. HAS Representative – Tom Ballinger has been the representative to HAS to date. This is his last year so we will need another representative going forward.


Certified Kentucky Honey Program (CKHP)

  1. Grant/Financial Update – R. Scott Moore reported that he is preparing a semi-annual report due in July. Scott keeps all receipts, volunteer hours, ledger, etc. which all must go in the report.


  1. CKHP Members – Scott reported that as of today, there are now ~80 members. This is just 5 short of where we were at the end of the fiscal year in 2021. The goal for 2022 is 125 members by the end of 2022 which is a goal set in the current grant. He’s received many orders for labels as it’s that time of year when beekeepers are processing and bottling honey.



  1. Housekeeping Items – Scott reported that he’s working with Rick on several items such as putting the promotional item order form online and pay via Paypal. Scott is working on a page refresh for CKHP. Scott has been working with Jessica to update the CKHP Facebook page which we have somehow lost admin access to. After much effort but no resolution, Jessica and Scott decided to make a new Facebook page. Scott and Rick are working to get the CKHP registration form automated and online and the database online as well. When this is complete, the board will be asked to decide on calendar year vs. anniversary date for alignment between CKHP and KSBA memberships.


  1. Heartland Apiculture Society Annual Conference – This is from the end of June to early July. Scott has 3 producers signed up to sell honey at the conference. Most of the producers are doing extracted honey but there will be a few other items such as creamed honey and books. We are sponsoring multiple events there such as a swag bag, promotional items, a smoker in the raffle, stickers, brochures, etc. Tim Sheehan will help at the booth for multiple days as will Jessica and Tom.


  1. Hive and Barrel Meadery – Scott is continuing to meet with the owner to make arrangements with plans to do 3 different meads with 3 different producers.


  1. Honey Testing – Scott took the input the Board gave at the last meeting and is working on a summary memorandum. He plans to send out to the board shortly.



State Fair Committee

  1. Planning Checklist Update – Scott presented the checklist. The committee met last week. He showed that about 1/3 of the actions are done, 1/3 in progress and 1/3 not started. Scott is trying to get an update on our booth application that he submitted. He gave several updates.
  2. Budget – The state fair committee (Scott, Tom and Joe Taylor) met recently. Scott published the budget via email. The liability insurance came in and was paid for. The booth rental will be $1000 which was slightly under budget.
  3. Calendar Update (Local Association Volunteer Update) – Scott showed that about 2/3 of the schedule is complete with 7 days set and 4 not yet filled.
  4. KSBA Management Calendar – Scott sent this to Rick to publish this so the Board can populate what days they will come and help with the fair. So far very few people have gone into it and added their plans. Scott asked the board to go into the schedule and indicate their availability.
  5. Ag Meeting Update – Tom reported that the committee is behind. They are re-doing the floor layout and will get the plans out shortly.
  6. Hotel Room Reservations – There was no report out on this topic.
  7. Kentucky Farm Bureau Jar Donation Request – KFB asked for 200 small jars for their breakfasts. Joe got the jars donated from Kelly’s. Saturday, Scott distributed 84 jars to people who will donate the honey. A request for honey donations went out via email to CKHP members and he heard back from 6 producers who committed to doing 68 jars bringing the total to 152. This is well short of the 400 needed but this is good progress. Scott will ask Rick to put this in the July Beelines.
  8. American Honey Queen / ABF Update – The Honey Queen will be coming in on Monday, August 22 and leaving Sunday, August 28. Tom reported she will be doing 3 cooking shows on the Farm to Fair Cooking Stage. Her flight and hotel rooms have been booked and Scott has completed her itinerary. Her press release is complete as well. On Saturday, Tammy will arrange dinner and an event for her for Saturday.


Events and Outreach

  1. No new topics reported.


Education Topics

  1. Update on Phil Craft Classes – Rick LeMarr reported that Phil Craft may not be conducting a Q&A class as everyone has his contact information and can reach out to him individually. Jessica reported that Phil may do more interactive sessions. She said Michigan had over 500 people at their state meeting educational sessions which were well received by their membership.


Call For New Business

  1. Eastern Apiculture Society – Leonard Davis shared that EAS is in Ithaca, NY in late July to early August. Rick has and will continue to publish this in BeeLines.The meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m. ET.