Minutes for KSBA Executive Meeting on July 21, 2022 (FINAL)

Kentucky State Beekeepers Association (KSBA)
Board Meeting Minutes
Thursday July 21, 2022

Attendance: 11 total (8 officers/directors)

The meeting was held via web teleconferencing and was recorded.

KSBA President Jessica Mayes called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m. ET.

The minutes from the June 16, 2022 meeting were presented and approved. Motioned by Tom Ballinger and seconded by Phil Craft. Motion passed.

Project Updates and New Projects

  1. Updating the Bylaws and 501c5 to 501c3 Conversion – Jessica reported that there has not been additional progress since the last update. She just indicated this needs to be done by the end of the year due to grant work. Jessica also updated the board on the request from Kenton Ball for KSBA to pay $800 for him to simply assess the work needed to convert from a c5 to a c3. Mr. Ball did not send a quote for doing a quote to anyone and this payment request from him came out of nowhere. After some discussion, the board suggested Jessica reply to Mr. Ball and tell him we will not pay him to do a quote to gain our business. In the event that he attempts to sue us to get payment, we can re-address as needed. Mike Mabry motioned that we tell Mr. Ball we have no intention of paying him. Seconded by Tom Ballinger. Motion passed.

Financial Topics

  1. Treasurer Report – Jane Brown, Treasurer provided the update. She shared a report with the balances in the 4 Accounts: General Account $15,478.22.61 CKHP $46373.23, State Fair $4,321.54 State Apiarist $9,340.09. She gave details on the recent activity for each account. Jane reported a Sales and Use Tax reimbursement from the Kentucky Department of Revenue for $2,454.29. Jessica recognized and thanked Jane for this work. She will be working with the Kentucky Department of Revenue to move to either quarterly or annual estimated taxes. Jessica and Jane proposed that Julie Steber, Assistant to the Treasurer, be added to the account as a signatory. The board voted and approved this proposal. The report was submitted for approval and was accepted.

Board Topics

  1. Webmaster Assistance – Due to personal challenges, the group asked Rick LeMarr, Webmaster, if he needed assistance with KSBA tasks. Rick indicated he does not need assistance at this time but appreciates the offer and will ask in the even that he feels he needs assistance.

Certified Kentucky Honey Program (CKHP)

  1. Grant/Financial Update – R. Scott Moore reported that he is submitted the 161 page semi-annual report to KADF, the Progress and Expenditure Report for the A2021-0231 grant. The report was submitted on July 15 and he received confirmation that it was received. It is very comprehensive and detailed. The next report is due in December which will be the annual report as well as the grant close out report.
  2. Membership Update – Scott reported that as of today, there are now ~82 members. The goal for 2022 is 125 members by the end of 2022 which is a goal set in the current grant. He’s received several new memberships recently which will be added to this total for the next month’s report.
  3. Heartland Apiculture Society Annual Conference – Scott reported that the conference went well with over 300 people in attendance and a lot of discussion with beekeepers. Not a lot of honey was sold as most attending were beekeepers with bees and honey. Scott recommended we discuss next year regarding whether or not we attend in the future. Jessica again reminded the board that we need a replacement for Tom to represent KSBA with HAS.
  4. Honey Testing – Scott took the input the Board gave at the last meeting and created a memo on how honey testing will conducted. In summary, we will send randomly collected samples to 2 labs: Paleo research Institute and Jonah Ventures. Two labs were selected to learn how each lab analyzes the sample and to test out the program. There is $5,000 in the budget for honey sampling. At the cost of the testing, approximately 16 CKHP producers can have their honey sampled. The group discussed that the primary purpose for honey testing is as a service to CKHP producers to receive an analysis of their pollen sample, to verify that the honey was produced in Kentucky in specific counties and to verify it is not adulterated. The idea of certifying that honey is not coming in from Florida or Canada with scientific data. It will not differentiate honey that might be produced close to a bordering state. Tom reported that he sent in 3 samples from different states and the accuracy was very good. Scott pointed out that any results that come back showing honey produced outside the state will start with a conversation with the producer only. This is our first foray into honey analysis for the CKHP program to establish a baseline and we will learn and refine as we proceed forward.

State Fair Committee

  1. Leadership Attendance – Tom is having major back surgery so he will possibly not be able to attend some of the state fair. He intends to bring up his motor home to help with Honey Queen duties and other activities. Jessica reported that given this, Scott will be the leader in charge for the first week and Jessica will be the contact for the second week.
  2. Planning Checklist Update – Scott presented the checklist. He showed that most activities are complete. Scott is waiting on the contract for our booth. Admission tickets will be sent soon. The map will be done soon to go in the BeeLines.
  3. Budget – Scott reported that the hotel rooms are significantly higher than last year so only 1 room was reserved for KSBA board and directors to use. This will be sufficient however given current interest in using it.
  4. Local Association Volunteer Update – Scott showed that all but 2 days are not covered completely. Scott is reaching out to some organizations to see if any others would like to fill the 2 days. Scott indicated for a half day shift, 6 volunteers are needed. For a full day shift, 12 volunteers are needed. The hours are 10 am to 9 pm. The payout to a club that works a full day is ~$250.
  5. KSBA Management Calendar –Scott reminded the board to go into the schedule and indicate their availability. Many have already updated the calendar with their attendance plans.
  6. Golf Cart Rental – Tim Sheehan reported that there are golf carts available for ~$400 for the 2 weeks that we may be able to rent.
  7. Honey Jar Donation Update – Scott has over 320 jars committed for the Ag, FFA and 4H events. Most are CKHP members and some is already coming back in. The individual farm will have their label on the jar, as well as a KSBA label.
  8. Hotel Room Reservations – One room at the True Hilton has been reserved for KSBA board members to use as well as a second room for the American Honey Queen. Unfortunately, the prices are significantly higher than last year. Theresa and Jessica will use it as well as several others.
  9. Kentucky Farm Bureau Jar Donation Request – KFB asked for 200 small jars for their breakfasts. Joe got the jars donated from Kelly’s. Saturday, Scott distributed 84 jars to people who will donate the honey. A request for honey donations went out via email to CKHP members and he heard back from 6 producers who committed to doing 68 jars bringing the total to 152. This is well short of the 400 needed but this is good progress. Scott will ask Rick to put this in the July Beelines.
  10. American Honey Queen / ABF Update – The Honey Queen will be coming in on Monday, August 22 and leaving Sunday, August 28. Scott shared her schedule which is very detailed. Her flight and hotel rooms have been booked and Scott has completed her itinerary, including some rest time and fun events as well.
  11. Honey Booth Pricing – Several sized muth jars have been added to the price list.
  12. COVID PPE – Gloves will be on hand for sampling, sanitizer, masks, and other safety measures will be taken. Scott will check with the State Fair organizers on any other procedures that need to be taken.
  13. Label Approval – There seems to be a back log getting labels reviewed by Leslie Cobb as she’s not responded to several board members seeking review. The key is to make sure the 4 points are included in the labels and labels will be reviewed for those 4 requirements.

Events and Outreach

  1. No new topics reported.

Education Topics

  1. No new topics reported.

Call For New Business

  1. Certified Kitchen – Tim Sheehan reported that he is an official certified kitchen! Congratulations, Tim! Theresa suggested possibly Tim might write an article about his experience for a future BeeLines.
  2. BeeLines Feedback – Theresa reported that she received some very positive feedback regarding the value Beelines provides to beekeepers.

The meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m. ET.