2022 Beekeeper of the Year

2022 Kentucky Beekeeper of the Year

2022 Beekeepers of the YearThe KSBA committee of previous Beekeepers of the Year select Jessica Mayes and Bonnie Joseph as 2022 Kentucky Beekeeper of the Year.

Congratulations to Jessica Mayes!

Jessica Mayes has done so much as KSBA President, including hosting the Spring meeting and working 4 straight days as Kentucky State Fair Honey Booth manager in an emergency situation. However much of her accomplishments have been behind the scene.

She has been updating the nonprofit status to a 501(c)3. She has been shepherding the grant through last year to pay the CKHP manager and the webmaster for their work. For a large part of the year she wore two hats as KSBA Treasurer and KSBA President. Usually these positions are gradually acquired. She accepted these challenges with very short notice with zero preparation. She has pulled the KSBA out of a very challenging situation with her leadership.

Congratulations to Bonnie Joseph!

Bonnie Joseph of London, Kentucky has been a beekeeper for 14 years. She began raising locally bred queens with top chewing genetics in 2018. Her focus has been quality and disease free stock for Kentucky beekeepers. She has three different apiaries, all with Eastern, Kentucky feral and Purdue chewing stock. She works very hard to keep her stock the best anyone can attain. She has on the average of at least three to four inseminated breeder queens each year.

Bonnie is the President of Southern Kentucky Beekeepers out of London and of course a member of KSBA. She donates her time teaching bee classes all over the state. She is also doing an excellent job as Secretary of the Kentucky Queen Bee Breeders Association, Inc.

She constantly attends bee conferences all over the Midwest to improve her knowledge. She has donated her time to many programs that Dr. Claire Rittschof has had at KSU, as well as, donating resources to beekeepers to help their apiaries recover from losses. She has also contributed to KQBBAI hives at KSU Research Farm. Bonnie arranges top speakers for her association. She makes sure beginners are on the right track with bees and equipment. Bonnie has always gone that extra mile to help those bees and beekeepers around her.

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