Beekeeper of the Year

Each year, KSBA recognizes one of its members as the outstanding beekeeper of the year. Any KSBA member can nominate someone for the award. The nominations are reviewed and voted upon by a committee of the past award winners. The award will be presented at the fall KSBA meeting. Please watch the news posts for this year’s call for nominations.

2023: Nomination accepted August through September
2022: Jessica Mayes and Bonnie Joseph
2021: Larry Young
2020: Neil Hunt
2019: David Shockey
2018: Dorothey Morgan and Larry Stone
2017: Shannon Trimboli
2016: Jim Hazelrigg. Lifetime Achievement Award to Phil Clark
2015: John Benham
2014: Bud Spath and Harris Overholt
2013: Tana Peers
2012: Kent Williams
2011: Joe Taylor and John Pace. Lifetime Achievement Award to Tammy Horn
2010: Betsy and Paul Stone
2009: Tammy Horn
2008: Phil Craft
2007: Randolph Richards
2006: Gordon Vernon
2005: Pank Mattingly
2004: Kent Williams
2003: Gerald Burchett
2002: Jed Davis
2001: Elsie Miller
2000: George Jones
1999: Doc Stuedle