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Kentucky Center for Agriculture and Rural Development

Marketing Considerations for Kentucky Beekeepers

Are you needing help market your honey or other farm products? Check out these great tips from Olivia at the Kentucky Center for Agriculture and Rural Development (KCARD). This group is a wonderful resource for Agricultural Business Education. Reach out to them today at Businesses have adapted to selling their product in new ways in 2020 due to COVID-19. Markets such as festivals or the KY State Fair were cancelled and as a result you need find to new buyers to sell your honey inventory. It may seem like more work now, but look at it as an opportunity […]

Oxalic Acid Sublimation

Using Apibioxal – Oxalic Acid

Follow up to the Fall General Membership Meeting featured speaker is an article written by Phil Craft, Kentucky State Apiarist (retired) for Véto-pharma.  Phil writes: It is late fall now, winter is near, and we do not typically think about treating our colonies for varroa as temperatures cool and snow beckons. But the short days of winter can have an advantage for killing varroa, due to the absence, or scarcity, of brood in the hive. Varroa mites reproduce in honey bee brood, and most of their early life is spent there. As much as 80% of a colony’s varroa mites […]