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Beekeeper of the Year

2020 Beekeeper of the Year Nominations

2020 KSBA Beekeeper Of The Year Greetings Fellow KSBA Association Members. It is time to nominate some of our outstanding members for KSBA Beekeeper of the Year who are great in the local association and also in the statewide KSBA. The KSBA Constitution states that the 2020 Beekeeper of the Year nominations should be submitted by the local associations. Therefore, a local association in good standing must make this decision, and the nomination must be submitted by an officer. Individual nominations will not be accepted. The nomination period will be September 1st thru October 1st , 2020. Late nomination cannot […]

Grant Opportunity for Educational Beehives – Oct. 15 Deadline

By: Shannon Trimboli I just found out that the Whole Kids foundation in partnership with the Bee Cause Project is accepting grant applications to support an educational hive for a K-12 school or non-profit organization. The application deadline is October 15, 2018. An optional informational webinar about the grant will be held on October 3, 2018 at 3:00 CT / 4:00 ET. More information including the application can be found at

Honey Bee Grant Program Taking Applications

By: The Honey Bee Grant program The Honey Bee Grant program allows for a K-12 school or non-profit organization to receive support for an educational honey bee hive. We offer three grant options: Monetary grant of $1,500 to support the success of a honey bee hive educational program. Observation hive: equipment grant of a custom made indoor observation hive from The Bee Cause Project. Traditional hive: equipment grant of an outdoor Langstroth or top bar hive with Starter Kit *All equipment grants include a small monetary grant, covering the first year of expenses. Grant recipients also receive remote consultation and […]

Call for 2017 KSBA Beekeeper of the Year Nominations

By: Joe Taylor Greetings Fellow KSBA members. It is time to nominate some of our outstanding members for KSBA Beekeeper of the year. For 2017, the nomination period will be September 1st thru October 15th. Please absolutely no late nominations can be accepted. The official voting will be done by the past 15 to 20 KSBA Beekeepers of the year. This is the expected number of past recipients that can be contacted. Nominations include: Nominee name Nominee contact information (Address, Phone Number, and E-mail address if possible) Brief justification (about 10 lines) Nominations can be submitted by e-mail to or by […]

2016 KSBA Beekeeper of the Year Announced

By: Joe Taylor Congratulations to Jim Hazelrig, our 2016 Beekeeper of the Year! The KSBA Beekeeper of the Year award is designed to recognize KSBA members who have done outstanding or highly beneficial work for KSBA. Nominees must be excellent beekeepers and contribute to the work of KSBA. Just being involved in their local organization or being a great beekeeper is not enough. They must also be active in KSBA and work to promote its mission. Jim has been promoting beekeeping for several years with presentations to the local community and schools. He has been active in his local beekeeping association, including […]

Kentucky Honey Bee Essay Winners Announced

Each year KSBA and the Kentucky 4-H chapters sponsor a statewide honey bee essay contest. The winning essay is submitted to a national competition sponsored by the Federation for the Preservation of Honey Bees, Inc. Participants in the essay contest had to members of their local 4-H chapter and had to write an essay on “Bees and Pollination. How Important is it?” This year’s state winner was Rebekah Waddle of Munfordville. The runner-up was Rachel Millward of Erlanger. Congratulations to both Rebekah and Rachel. Also, good luck to Rebekah in the national competition. Details for the next competition are not […]

Final Call for 2016 KSBA Beekeeper of the Year Nominations

There is only one week left to nominate outstanding members for KSBA Beekeeper of the Year. The nomination period ends at midnight on Oct. 1. Absolutely no late nomination can be accepted. There is no official nomination form. Nominations should include the nominee’s name and contact information (address, phone, and email if possible), along with a brief justification (about 10 lines). Only KSBA members can nominate or be nominated. Only past KSBA Beekeepers of the Year can vote for the 2016 honoree. Results will be announced at the KSBA fall meeting Nov. 5 at Jenny Wiley State Park. Nominations should […]

Call for Nominations – 2016 Beekeeper of the Year

Each year, KSBA recognizes one of its members as the outstanding beekeeper of the year. Nominations are now open for the 2016 Beekeeper of the Year. Any KSBA member can nominate someone for the award. All nominations should include the name of the person being nominated and a brief description of why you are nominating that person. Nominations can be sent to Joe Tayor at The nominations will be reviewed and voted upon by a committee of the past award winners. The award will be presented at the fall KSBA meeting. Please help us recognize the dedicated beekeepers who […]

John Benham Named KSBA 2015 Beekeeper of the Year

On Dec. 5, 2015, John Benham received the KSBA 2015 Beekeeper of the Year award. John is a longtime beekeeper, past president of KSBA, and a friend to beekeepers across the state. He frequently mentors new beekeepers and is always willing to share his knowledge with others. John is also an active member of several local beekeeping associations. Reasons for his nomination included his dedication and service to KSBA, his unselfish willingness to help so many beginning beekeepers, and his expertise as a beekeeper. Congratulations, John!

Beekeeping Essay Contest for 4-H Students Announced

4-H students are invited to submit essays for the National 4-H Beekeeping Essay Contest, sponsored by The Foundation for the Preservation of Honey Bees, Inc. This year’s essay topic is “Bees and Pollination. How Important is it?” This is a national competition and each state can submit only one essay. All submissions from Kentucky 4-H students will be reviewed and a state winner selected. The winning essay for Kentucky will be submitted to the national competition. Students interested in writing an essay should contact their local 4-H office for contest details.