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Results of First Swarms in 2018 Survey

By: Shannon Trimboli In March, we started a survey asking people to report the first swarms they saw in each county this year. Twenty-four swarms were reported this year compared to forty-four when we did the same survey last year. Thank you to the all those who submitted data. The map shows the week in which the first swarm was reported for each county. The table shows the number of swarms reported for each county and additional information for those county reporting multiple first swarms.     County # reported Notes Anderson 1 Boone 1 Breathitt 1 Daviess 1 Garrard […]

Results of First Pollen in 2018 Survey

By: Shannon Trimboli In January, I started a KSBA poll asking everyone to report when you saw the first pollen coming into your hive. Thirteen people took the time to respond and their results are below. I apologize for not posting the results sooner, but April and May were crazy busy and other things had to be prioritized. The results of the swarm survey we started in March will be posted in June. The first pollen in the state was reported the week of Jan. 21-27 in Bullitt and Warren Counties. The map shows when the first pollen was reported […]

Results of February’s Poll on Must-Have Books

In last month’s poll, I asked two questions. What are the 1-3 beekeeping books that every beginner should read? What are the 1-3 beekeeping books that every advanced beekeeper should have on their bookshelf? Two people, both of whom have over 5 years of experience keeping bees, responded. Their answers are below. Thank you to the two beekeepers who responded. Books every beginner should read: How to Keep Bees and Sell Honey, by:Walter T Kelley Langstroth’s Hive and the Honey Bee The Joys of Beekeeping by Richard Taylor Bee Master of Warrilow First Lessons in Beekeeping Books every advanced beekeeper […]

March Poll – First Swarms of 2018

Hi Everyone, Last year I started these surveys as a way to share information and get to know each other a little better. The very first survey we did was about tracking the first swarms of 2017. Everyone seemed to enjoy that survey, so let’s do it again this year. Mark the week in which you see or hear about the first swarm this year. Also, let us know what county it was in so we can track the first swarms as they move across the state. Only report the first swarm you see in each county. In other words, […]

February Poll: Must-Have Books

February is a busy month. Bee schools are happening all across the state. Many people are thinking about getting into beekeeping for the first time. Others are trying to figure out how they are going to improve their apiary this year. At the heart of all those activities is education. This month’s poll continues that theme. As always, all survey responses are anonymous. You can either participate by taking the survey below or by going to this link. I’ll share the answers next month. Thanks to everyone who participates! Shannon Trimboli     Create your own user feedback survey

January 2018 Poll: First Pollen of the Year

Hi Everyone, We started doing these surveys last spring by asking everyone to share when they saw their first swarm. Many people seemed to be interested in that survey. As we start the new year, I thought it would be interesting to do a similar survey focused on when we see the first pollen coming into our hives. I think it will be fun to see how it varies across the state. In order to make sure everyone has a chance to participate, I’ll let the survey run until early or mid-March then post the results in late March or […]

Results of Poll “What would you like to see KSBA do?”

By: Shannon Trimboli In our October poll, I asked “What would you like to see KSBA do?” Nineteen people responded to this poll and their responses can be found below. A big “thank you” to those who responded and an even bigger “thank you” to the nine people who said they were willing to help KSBA accomplish its goals. 1) Do you believe KSBA represents you as a Kentucky beekeeper? 83% Yes 17% No (What can KSBA do to change this?) Get better organized. Develop long range plan with goal and action items. Lay out a five year strategy for […]

October Poll – What would you like to see KSBA do?

By: Shannon Trimboli In the August poll about the Certified Kentucky Honey label, I provided lots of opportunities for people to add additional comments because I knew it was a complicated subject that would create strong opinions. I was right and the participants took full advantage of the spaces for comments. Among the comments were several statements that got me thinking about a different topic. For example, one person wrote “I am a member of [neighboring state]’s beekeeping organization because KSBA does not support [my] region.” Several other people said they thought KSBA would be better off spending its time […]

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Results of the Consumer Survey about a Certified Kentucky Honey Label

By: Shannon Trimboli In July we started two surveys. One asked Kentucky beekeepers for their opinions on pursuing a certified Kentucky Honey label. The second survey was aimed at gathering input from our customers about their thoughts and what is important to them when they buy honey. Results of the first survey were reported earlier. This report summarizes the results of the second survey focused on the consumers. Click on any of the images to view a larger version. The second survey started on July 29 and ran until October 5 in order to give as many people as possible […]

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Summary of Beekeeper Survey about Certified Kentucky Honey Label

By: Shannon Trimboli Over the past few weeks we have been conducting a survey asking Kentucky’s beekeepers about their interest in a Certified Kentucky Honey Label. A second survey asking consumers about what is important to them when they buy honey is being run through the end of the month. Results from that survey will be presented in September. The response rate for the survey of Kentucky beekeepers was very low compared to the survey distribution. (See full survey results for distribution information.) However, the 80 people who participated in the survey provided very valuable and detailed answers. (A BIG […]

Results of July Survey – How much do you sell your honey for?

By: Shannon Trimboli In July we asked everyone about their honey and how much it sells for so that we can see how our prices vary across the state. Many thanks to the 46 people who participated in the survey. Most people (83%) sell their honey out of their home, out of their office, or to individuals in some other way. Local farmers markets were the next most common (30%) location for selling honey. 20% of those who responded sell their honey out of some sort of retail or service store. Only 2% sell their honey online and no one […]

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Do we need a Certified Kentucky Honey Label?

Hi Everyone, The idea of a Certified Kentucky Honey label was brought up at the June business meeting of the Kentucky State Beekeepers Association. At the meeting we created a Honey Marketing Subcommittee to pursue the idea further. A couple of weeks ago, we met with members of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture to begin talking about what a Certified Kentucky Honey label might entail. We came up with some preliminary ideas, but we really want to know what you and other beekeepers from across the state think about the idea. We also want to know what our consumers think […]

How Much is Your Honey?

By: Shannon Trimboli People are always telling me they are looking for good local honey. Whether or not I have any honey for sale is often the first question they ask when they find out I’m a beekeeper. I don’t think Kentucky beekeepers have come anywhere near saturating the market for locally produced honey. Lately, I’ve heard more and more beekeepers asking each other how much they charge for their honey. It’s a valid question because we all want to be fair to our customers and to ourselves – after all, beekeeping is hard work and not a cheap hobby. […]

Results from June Poll – Thoughts on News Posts

By: Shannon Trimboli In June, I asked our readers to take a survey to let me know what you thought about the news posts. The results were very insightful and helpful. Thanks to the 35 people who provided feedback through the survey. Below is a summary of the responses and some of the actions I am taking based on those responses. Almost everyone (97%), said that email was the way they first saw the news posts. Most people (88%) thought the news posts are valuable, with 9% classifying the posts as somewhat valuable and only 3% saying they were of […]

Hive Type Survey Results

By: Shannon Trimboli Last month our survey asked what types of hives you have. Ninety-three people participated in the survey. Most of the people who responded use traditional Langstroth hives with some combination of deep, medium, and shallow boxes. The most common configuration was one or more deep brood boxes with medium honey supers. In addition to the traditional Langstroth hives, people also reported using horizontal Langstroth hives, Warre hives, and top bar hives. Nineteen percent of us reported using multiple types of hives (includes using different configurations of traditional Langstroth hives). The graph below shows what percentage of us […]

Feedback about KSBA News Posts Requested: June survey

Hi Everybody, Since September 2016, I’ve been trying to post at least one news post to the KSBA website every week. Starting in January 2017, I’ve been posting 2-3 news posts every week and added the option to subscribe to the news posts. Approximately 800 people have subscribed to have the news posts emailed to them. The news posts are also posted to the KSBA Facebook page and many are shared multiple times on other Facebook pages. I’m assuming that all of this means people like the news posts and that I’m covering the right types of topics with the […]

Survey Results on First Swarms of 2017

By: Shannon Trimboli In March we started a multi-month survey asking everyone to report when you saw your first swarm in any given county. We thought this would be a fun way to see if they came early this year after such a mild winter. In order to allow everyone to track the swarms, I provided a link to the raw data. However, I also wanted to provide a quick summary of the final results including a map that I created based on the data. The survey ran from early March through the end of April. Forty-four swarms were reported […]

KSBA Survey for May – What kind of hives do you have?

By: Shannon Trimboli A couple of months ago we started doing surveys to get to know each other better. Last week, I presented the results for our April survey. Later this week, I’ll present the results of the first swarm per county survey that we started in March. For the May survey, let’s talk hives. What kind of hives do you have? Please take the survey below to let us know the types of hive you have. If you can’t see the survey, then you can follow this link (https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LXW9GM8) to take the survey online. All answers are completely anonymous. I’ll […]

Results from Poll on How Long You’ve Been a Beekeeper

By: Shannon Trimboli In an effort to get to know each other better, last month we conducted a survey asking everyone how long they have been a beekeeper. Seventy two people responded to the survey. Of those who responded, 27 people (38%) have been beekeepers for one year or less and 35 people (49%) have been beekeeping for 3-10 years. A chart showing the complete breakdown of survey responses can be found below. Thank you to everyone who participated.

How Long Have You Been a Beekeeper?

By Shannon Trimboli Last month I started a new series consisting of a monthly survey to help us learn more about each other. Typically the survey will run for about a few weeks to a month and then I’ll report the results to everyone. The first survey was about when we see the first swarm in each county. Since swarm season is still going, I’m going to let that one continue to run for a while longer. You can view the results in real time by following this link and next month I’ll probably summarize the results for everyone. Now […]