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KSBA Launches Kentucky Certified Honey Program

By: David Shockey The Kentucky Certified Honey Program is an official marketing program of the Kentucky State Beekeepers Association (KSBA). The goals of the program are twofold: first, to promote local honey that is produced by the beekeepers of the KSBA and is a genuine product of the State; second, to connect the local beekeepers with consumers who are looking to purchase local honey. KSBA will be initiating this new program to certify honey producers within the Commonwealth of Kentucky as producers of local honey starting on August 16th at the State Fair. The certification will signify that: the producers […]

Honey Committee Report from October Meeting

Oct. 11, 2017 Meeting at Nelson County Cooperative Extension Office, Bardstown Present: Rick Sutton, President of Kentucky State Beekeepers Association (Garrard Co.) Ricky Humphrey, Vice President of Nelson County Beekeepers Susan Zhunga, Secretary and Treasurer of Nelson County Beekeepers Mike Mabry, Member of Nelson County Beekeepers Pat Schwartz, Member of Nelson County Beekeepers Nicole Soteropoulos, Member of Nelson County Beekeepers David Donathan, Member of Nelson County Beekeepers Jack Kuhn (Franklin Co.)–KSBA Keith Rogers—Chief of Staff KY Department of Agriculture (KDA) Chad Smith, Division Director of Marketing, KDA Joe Bilby, Legal Counsel, KDA Tammy Horn Potter, State Apiarist, KDA Rob Smith—Nelson […]

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Results of the Consumer Survey about a Certified Kentucky Honey Label

By: Shannon Trimboli In July we started two surveys. One asked Kentucky beekeepers for their opinions on pursuing a certified Kentucky Honey label. The second survey was aimed at gathering input from our customers about their thoughts and what is important to them when they buy honey. Results of the first survey were reported earlier. This report summarizes the results of the second survey focused on the consumers. Click on any of the images to view a larger version. The second survey started on July 29 and ran until October 5 in order to give as many people as possible […]

Kentucky Department of Agriculture and Kentucky State Beekeepers Association examine potential ‘certified’ label

By: Tammy Horn Potter The Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) continues to facilitate conversations about local honey with the Kentucky State Beekeepers Association (KSBA). The KDA hosted a meeting Aug. 22 for KSBA and honey stakeholders at the Kentucky State Fair, where beekeepers and honey producers across the state discussed results from an industry survey and the possibility of a KSBA-certified Kentucky honey label. With a low survey response rate, those attending the meeting attempted to draw some broad inferences about the industry. Most of the responses revealed misconceptions concerning the use of the Kentucky Proud label. KDA Chief of […]

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Summary of Beekeeper Survey about Certified Kentucky Honey Label

By: Shannon Trimboli Over the past few weeks we have been conducting a survey asking Kentucky’s beekeepers about their interest in a Certified Kentucky Honey Label. A second survey asking consumers about what is important to them when they buy honey is being run through the end of the month. Results from that survey will be presented in September. The response rate for the survey of Kentucky beekeepers was very low compared to the survey distribution. (See full survey results for distribution information.) However, the 80 people who participated in the survey provided very valuable and detailed answers. (A BIG […]

Honey Marketing Subcommittee Begins Looking into Certified Kentucky Honey Label

By: Shannon Trimboli Keith Rogers, Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s Chief of Staff, spoke to KSBA members about the Kentucky Proud program at our business meeting in June. Some of the members raised concerns about the ability of people to buy honey from outside of Kentucky, bottle it here, and sell it as Kentucky Proud because it was processed (bottled) in the state. The discussions turned to what it would take to create a Certified Kentucky Honey label and a subcommittee was formed to pursue the idea. The subcommittee met in Elizabethtown on July 17. Several ideas and concerns were discussed. […]

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Do we need a Certified Kentucky Honey Label?

Hi Everyone, The idea of a Certified Kentucky Honey label was brought up at the June business meeting of the Kentucky State Beekeepers Association. At the meeting we created a Honey Marketing Subcommittee to pursue the idea further. A couple of weeks ago, we met with members of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture to begin talking about what a Certified Kentucky Honey label might entail. We came up with some preliminary ideas, but we really want to know what you and other beekeepers from across the state think about the idea. We also want to know what our consumers think […]