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Our Objective

The Certified Kentucky Honey Producers (CKHP) is the marketing brand of the Kentucky State Beekeepers Association (KSBA). We promote and certify the purchase of honey produced, harvested, and bottled within the state of Kentucky. We also emphasize the importance of honey and beekeeping to the general public and good beekeeping practices to beekeepers throughout the state of Kentucky.

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All Beekeepers within the State of Kentucky are eligible for certification by submitting a formal application to the KSBA and paying the applicable annual dues. Membership in the CKHP program also includes membership in KSBA with full rights and privileges. Please direct any questions about the application process to the CKHP Manager.

Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund (KADF)Program Funding

The CKHP program is currently funded by the Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund (KADF). Our current grant operating budget is $57,500 and runs through December 2022. These funds help to ensure the following but not limited to

  • Furnish a salary and travel budget for a part-time Program Manager.
  • Aide in promotion at National conferences, Trade Shows, Festivals et al.
  • Assist Certified Kentucky Honey Producers in the Sale of their honey.
  • Form partnerships with other industries in the use of Certified Honey.
  • Provide analysis of producers Honey.
  • Administer beekeeper education to all beekeepers of different levels.
  • Supply trademark Certified Honey Labels to producers.

If You Suspect Honey Is Mislabeled

The Certified Kentucky Honey Producers (CKHP) program is a voluntary marketing organization under the Kentucky State Beekeepers Association (KSBA) which certifies that honey using the Certified Honey Label is honey produced by bees in Kentucky. This certification is through hive location verification and laboratory testing of the honey (pollen testing as well as DNA, NMR, and other methods by local and national labs). Importantly, the CKHP program is a one-way, positive certification of its members – neither the CKHP program nor KSBA has any legal or moral jurisdiction over labeling of honey from non-CKHP members or their honey. We do not, and cannot, take liability to test honey that is not CKHP certified to prove it is NOT Kentucky honey.

If there is reason to question labelling or marketing of a “Local” honey it must be addressed by the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Department of Public Health, Food Safety Branch who has oversight and full responsibility for honey labelling violations. We do encourage you to have discussions with your legislators and KDA representatives on the importance of truth in labelling with regard to honey and hive products.

Program Manager

R. Scott Moore is the current Program Manager for the Certified Kentucky Producers, the marketing brand of the Kentucky State Beekeepers Association. Coming to the position in February 2021, he manages grant funding from the Kentucky Agriculture Development Fund, creates marketing material for promotion and organizes marketing events for members connecting buy local consumers with local Kentucky honey. Scott became interested in beekeeping, specifically the health benefits of local honey, after battling Stage III Sarcoma cancer in 2016. He has now been beekeeping for over five (5) years and lives in Jefferson County with his wife where they enjoy spending time with their four grandsons.


R. Scott Moore
P.O. Box 22283
Louisville, KY 40252