Certified Kentucky Honey

Certified Kentucky Honey

The Certified Kentucky Honey Producers program (CKHP) is established by Kentucky State Beekeeping Association (KSBA). The purpose is to promote the sale of local honey that is produced by the beekeepers of the KSBA and is a genuine product of the State; and to connect the local beekeepers with consumers who are looking to purchase local honey. These beekeepers may be recognized by KSBA as Kentucky Certified Honey Producers. As certified honey producers, they will agree to follow the Program Guidelines and will apply the trademarked certified honey label to the bottles of honey that they sell.


All beekeepers within the State of Kentucky are eligible to be certified by making formal application to KSBA and paying the appropriate annual dues. The annual dues include membership in KSBA. Currently application and the purchasing of labels must be by mail to the address below. KSBA is working to provide online application, paying of dues and the buying of labels.

Program Funding

The program is funded by Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund (KADF) initial grant in the amount of $128,000.00:

  • to help fund the hiring of a CKHP Program Manager
  • fund the rebuilding of the KSBA website to better serve our members and to support CKHP
  • develop a social media promotional program to help educate the general public on the benefits of buying local honey from Certified Kentucky Honey Producers;
  • and assisting Certified Kentucky Honey Producers in the sale of their honey.

Program Manager: CKHP Manager
​P.O. Box ​​22283
​​Louisville, Kentucky 40252

Certified Kentucky Honey Producers guidelines and application