There are many beekeepers who will remove a swarm or unwanted hive from your property.  You can contact a local beekeeping association for a beekeeper or contact a beekeeper directly who offers the service.

  1. Petition KSBA by registering the new association at (you must be a KSBA member to register the new Association)
  2. Review and agree to the most recent revision of the KSBA By-laws and the KSBA Code of Conduct, available on the KSBA Website.
  3. Contact a KSBA Officer regarding the $100 startup fund donation. This will be issued by the Treasurer and you will receive a Welcome from the President.
  4. Elect a KSBA Representative to attend KSBA Board meetings. This person may stand for election as one of two Directors representing Local Associations. All listed contacts for the Local Association will receive an invitation to attend KSBA meetings. 
  5. The Local Association shall submit to KSBA a written annual report of its activities prior to the Fall KSBA Meeting
  6. The Local Association may request a member of the KSBA Board of Directors to visit and welcome the new Association and discuss KSBA activities at a time agreeable by both parties
  7. The new Association may apply to work a shift at the State Fair Honey Booth in exchange for a portion of the profits. This may be granted if there is a shift available or another association has trouble filling a shift.  To qualify, the Association Officers must be KSBA members in good standing. If the Association is interested in applying, the representative should let the State Fair Honey Booth Manager know as soon as possible.

Please refer to the Kentucky Farmers’ Market Manual & Resource Guide by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture Office Of Agricultural Marketing


The Northern Giant Hornet (formerly called the Asian Giant Hornet) is not in Kentucky nor any bordering states.

If you think you have seen or know of a Northern Giant Hornet in Kentucky please compare it with the following information before you contact KSBA or the Kentucky State Apiarist.Asian Giant Hornet Comparison Chart

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