Local beekeeper associations may accept new or used equipment in good condition.
To find local association contact information go to the Local Association Map and select the county where you live. If your county does not have a local association listed then search for an adjacent county.

Yes! Kentucky State Beekeepers Association has monthly meetings where important information is presented and decisions are made. All Local Beekeeper Association Presidents or their designated alternates are invited to attend and participate in discussions and vote on decisions.

All meetings are conducted under Robert’s Rules of Order to ensure orderly discussion and equal representation.

Yes! All approved meeting minutes are published on the KSBA website at https://kybees.org/category/minutes/. Approval of the minutes are voted on at the next regularly scheduled meeting and posted on the website.

The invitation list is updated as Local Beekeeper Associations update their directory listing on the KSBA website. From the KSBA website home page select Local Associations Update Information. Alternatively, send an email with the information that you need updated.

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