Use an internet browser (Google Chrome is recommended but Opera, Mozilla, or Microsoft Edge will work) to visit and click on Join KSBA. Complete the online form and click on REGISTER MY MEMBERSHIP button. If there are any errors, correct them and re-submit using the same button. Errors will be indicated with a red background. If there are no errors the top of the form will have a welcome message with a green background.

The system will send you two emails to the email address you registered, 1) a welcome email and; 2) a confirmation email.

The welcome email will contain your email address as your login ID with a link to login to the website. Before you attempt to login you must activate your account with the activation link in the confirmation email.

The confirmation email is necessary to prevent fraudulent registrations and to protect your account until you can login. It will contain an activation link that you must click on to activate your online account. The link will take you to the KSBA website account confirmation page with a confirmation message with a green background. If you see anything otherwise, your account is not active and you will not be able to login.

Membership in KSBA gives you access to member-only content and services. We offer online educational content as well as priority attention.
It is necessary to secure member-only content and services from unauthorized access and anonymous agents that have malicious intent. The best way to protect what you have paid for is by requiring a login with a strong password so we can identify who you are and guarantee what you expect to receive from your membership.

Yes, you can join KSBA using the downloadable form, completing, and mailing it, along with your payment, to the address on the form.
We will create your online account using the information from the paper application so you can still access member-only content and services.
If you will never use the website the manual membership method works fine and your online account will be safeguarded if you change your mind.
But, if you are going to access member-only content and services you will have to login anyway and there is no benefit to you or KSBA to process a paper application. As a matter of fact, the cost associated with completing a paper application and check is more than if you join online.  Please help us bring your benefits to you at the lowest cost possible by joining or renewing online.

When you sign in your membership status will be checked. If it has expired you will be redirected to the membership renewal page.

Sign in and go to the membership renewal page. The current membership status with the expiration date is at the top of the renewal form.

Your membership will be extended by one year from the current expiration date.

Yes! your account on the KSBA website does not expire although your membership in KSBA does expire. You can renew your membership as long as you keep the website account.

Questions About Membership