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Beekeeping Courses

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Buy Local Program

The KSBA Buy Local program is a directory of member beekeepers that sell products and services to the public.

If you are looking to buy honey bees and related products and services from a local Kentucky business, look no further than the Buy Local program.

If you have Honey Bee related products and services register your business for free!

Buy Local Kentucky Honey
Local Beekeeper Associations Map

Local Beekeeping Club Directory

Whether you are only interested, a new beekeeper, or a commercial beekeeper with many years of experience, KSBA recommends you join a local beekeepers association.

Beekeepers near you are an invaluable resource! You can learn beekeeping or if you are experienced, help the next generation be successful. You can find these resources in the Local Beekeeper Association Directory.

Certified Kentucky Honey Producers

The Certified Kentucky Honey Producers program serves to educate consumers about honey that is produced in Kentucky hives by Kentucky beekeepers. Watch the CKHP introduction video here.

If you are a Kentucky beekeeper with honey to sell to the public that was produced in Kentucky you can Honey apply for the Certified Kentucky seal of approval.

Certified producers are automatically listed in the KSBA Buy Local Program.

Certified Kentucky Honey Producers

Other Ways To Support Us

All of this and more is available to you as a member of KSBA. Your membership fee alone does not begin to cover one benefit let alone all of them. We have to generate revenue through additional value-added services. You can take advantage of our other services, too!

Kentucky State Fair Honey Booth

Buy and Sell Honey at Kentucky State Fair

KSBA sells honey and Honey Bee related products from beekeepers located throughout Kentucky at the Kentucky State Fair. Bring your honey!

Kentucky State Fair Honey Booth

Each year we have a honey booth at the Kentucky State Fair where thousands of fairgoers can sample and buy your honey. It's our biggest fund raising event of the year with over $70,000 of sales in 10 days. And 70% of the purchase price goes back to producers!

Watch Recent News and Announcements for details on next year's event.