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Getting Started in Beekeeping

So, you're thinking about becoming a beekeeper! Congratulations as you've come to the right place. KSBA is here to connect you with reliable resources to help you become educated in the art and science of beekeeping. We connect you with other beekeepers in your area and help you start out your beekeeping journey on the right foot.

Learning to be a good beekeeper is a never ending journey. Even the most experienced beekeepers continue to try new methods, keep up to date with evolving science, adapt to an ever changing environment and learn from their bees and from fellow beekeepers.  Beekeeping is a hobby that can bring years of enjoyment, challenges and growth.

Evidence indicates that a high percentage of beginning beekeepers quit after a year or two. The primary reasons are that the costs are higher than anticipated, the time commitment to learn is significant, keeping colonies alive can be challenging, and unrealistic expectations regarding honey production. New beekeepers who begin with education, are well prepared and well connected with other beekeepers and who never stop learning are more likely to be long-term beekeepers.

Below you will find a wealth of information to help you on your way.  

Frequently Asked Questions from New Beekeepers

How do I get started in beekeeping?

We recommend you begin by learning the basics and talking with experienced beekeepers before getting your bees.

  1. KSBA has online courses for beginning beekeeping that cover all the basics. These courses are free to KSBA members.
  2. Attend one or more of the in-person or virtual bee schools. The KSBA events page has several bee schools, local association meetings, workshops, and conferences throughout the year.
  3. Join your local bee club.
  4. Learn about honey bees and beekeeping from the list of recommended books and using the reputable resources and websites posted below.
  5. Purchase bees locally if possible using the suppliers posted on our Buy Local page.
How can I find assistance with my bees?

Join a local bee club. Our directory of local beekeeper associations may have a club near you. If you don’t have a local bee club near you, contact a local county extension office where you live. You may find a beekeeper in our Buy Local products and services listing who may be willing to mentor you.

Can I be notified of new programs and information that becomes available?

Yes. By joining KSBA, you will receive our monthly BeeLines newsletter and receive emails announcing upcoming bee schools and news about beekeeping. You will also join a network of beekeepers across the state willing to learn and share information with other beekeepers.

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