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Master Beekeeper Programs

There are several master beekeeper programs available for experienced beekeepers interested in deepening and expanding their knowledge of honey bee biology, best management practices and methods to support your beekeeping community. Each program is different and unique, with their own pre-requisites, requirements for completion, advantages, disadvantages, and costs. Here, we list several of the recognized Master Beekeeper programs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Diseases and Pests

I'm thinking about becoming a master beekeeper. Which program should I choose? 

To select the program that is right for you, explore several master beekeeper programs to understand what each program offers and how the program is structured. Pursuing a master beekeeper certification will require a significant time commitment and can be costly. While all the reputable programs offer rigorous study on advanced beekeeping topics such as honey bee biology, diseases and pests and products from the hive, they are structured different. Some programs focus on self-education, while others offer structured learning. Some have community involvement requirements. Some are online while others required in person attendance. Plus, the cost of each program are different. 

How much does it cost to become a master beekeeper?

The costs vary. The cost ranges between approximately $500 and $1000 which includes the program costs, travel to the testing site and other fees.

What are the benefits of becoming a master beekeeper?

Becoming a master beekeeper can improve your skills and knowledge in both a practical and science-based manner. Most programs also provide an opportunity to connect with knowledgeable and experienced instructors as well as other beekeepers. Here is an article from Master Beekeeper and 40 year beekeeper Rusty Burlew describing her experience with the University of Montana Master Beekeeper program.

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